The Workshop

DIgitally Designed, 3D-Printed Wearable Art and Decor

In our workshop, we create 3D-printed:

  • Custom Crate Tags

  • Lapel pins

  • Brooches

  • Christmas ornaments

  • Dog Statuettes

  • Dog Show Trophies

We design in-house and also work with artists from around the world to develop the models that our printers produce.

Our designs are printed in PLA plastic. It's non-toxic and made from corn.

We currently have 60 Breeds and Varieties available.

Our Etsy shop is now open.

You can contact us about custom projects at

Examples of our Custom Pet Crate Tags:

Vizsla Trophy with Corinthian Capitol Base

How it works

First, the artists that we partner with, design and build digital models of the dogs in various poses. We then take these models and modify them for the 3D printing process. We then print them using our 3D printers using PLA plastic filament. The 3D printers work by melting the plastic filament and then extruding the liquid filament in layers 1-2 mm thick to complete the model. This can be a slow process and some of the statuettes can take days to print. You may be able to see some of the layers on the completed prints. The printed models are then cleaned up and finished by hand.

Because of how the process works, we are not able to match the patterns on some breeds that make them unique. However, if you wish the models can be painted afterward to match your dog. We suggest that you use a spray primer on the surface of the models prior to painting to prevent bleeding along the layer lines.

Vizsla Brooch

Scottish Terrier Brooch

Bulldog Brooch

Vizsla Lapel Pin